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Why? Because mothers develop an increased capacity to create an atmosphere of love and learning within the walls of their homes by nurturing their own divine gifts!  Mothers collectively make up the soul of the nation in which we live.  Let's gather together to feed our minds, be mentored by great authors, and edified by connecting with each other!

Read beautiful educational/parenting books
Meet Monthly to discuss

We are blessed to live in a time where SO many wonderful resources are available! To help us cultivate the "Art of Living," we've chosen the foundational works for this discussion group from the practical wisdom of authors over a century ago. Though the application in our lives may look different today, the timeless principles and patterns we will discuss are priceless.

"The Art of Living deserves a place among the fine arts.  Like literature, it may be ranked with the humanities.  It is the art of turning the means of living to the best account - of making the best of everything.  It is the art of extracting from life its highest enjoyment, and through it, of reaching its highest results.  

To live happily, the exercise of no small degree of art is required.  Like poetry and painting, the art of living comes chiefly by nature; but all can cultivate and develop it.  It can be fostered by parents and teachers, and perfected by self-culture... it is not wealth that gives the true zest to life, but reflection, appreciation, taste, culture.  Above all, the seeing eye and the feeling heart are indispensable."
Samuel Smiles ~ Happy Homes and Hearts that Make Them 

Reading/Listening may include Selections from:

  • Happy Homes & the Hearts that Make Them by Samuel Jr. Smiles

  • Home Education & A Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason (Vol 1&6 The Original Homeschooling Series)

  • A Delectable Education podcasts

  • Selected Conference Talks /Articles


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