Charlotte Mason Schedule

Tuesdays 8:30-10pm  We are excited to read Philosophy & Application simultaneously!  A little tip from Charlotte Mason: Short Lessons (read/listen 30 minutes each sitting) and narrate.

Aug 30th
A Delectable Education: Episode 3 - The Role of the Teacher
Vol 1 CH 1 Offending, Despising, Hindering the Children p14-20
Vol 6 CH 4 Authority & Docility p68-79

Sep 6th:
A Delectable Education: Episode 4 - Three Tools of Education
Vol 6 CH 6 Three Instruments of Education p94-111

Sep 13th
Vol 1 The Matter and Method of Lessons p169-178

Sep 20th:
A Delectable Education: Episode 5 - The Power of Connection
Vol 3 CH 7 An Adequate Theory of Education p68-78

Oct 4th:
A Delectable Education: Episode 6 & 7 ~ Living Books & Recognizing Living Books
Vol 3 CH 15 School Books & How They Make for Education p164-173

Oct 11th:
A Delectable Education: Episode 8 ~ Narration, The Act of Knowing
Vol 1 The Art of Narrating p229-232

Oct 18th:
1st 1/2 of A Delectable Education: Episode 30 ~ The Way of the Will
Vol 6 CH 8 The Way of the Will p128-138 & Summary of "I am, I can, I ought, I will." on Ambleside

Nov 1st:
2nd 1/2 of A Delectable Education: Episode 30 ~ The Way of Reason
Vol 6 CH 9 The Way of Reason p139-153

Nov 8th: Vol 1 Part 3 Habit is Ten Natures p96-111

Nov 15th:  Vol 1 Part 3 Habit is Ten Natures p112-124

Nov 29th: Vol 1 Part 3 & begin 4 Some Habits of Mind p125-137

Dec 6th: Vol 1 Part 4 The Habit of Attention p137-149

Dec 13th: Vol 1 Part 4 Some Habits of Mind p149-168


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